Women’s Tango Technique class every week

Női tangó technika

Why is Women’s Technique important in Tango?

👠 To not only dance as a follower, but as a dancer
👠 Improve: embrace, axis walking, stability, elegance
👠 Enhance your dance with exciting decorations

Who do I recommend it to?

☑ For anyone who dances in the Argentine tango as a follower.
☑ It is also recommended for leaders, because it makes it easier to understand what is needed as a follower to make our dance more pleasant and beautiful.

What we will do?

We start by warming up and continuing with the theme of the day (eg posture, walking, dissociation, giro, boleo, enrosque, decoration …). The goal is to havematerial that can improve your dance skills and elegance. I will show you a series of custom exercises that are also suitable for home practice!


Comfortable outfit, preferably sporty. If possible, bring high-heeled (tango) shoes with you.

My experience in Women’s Tango technique:

Argentina: I’ve been to Buenos Aires three times (most recently in August this year) where I have had the opportunity to attend many women’s technique classes, workshops.

– 2018, UK Tango Championship 1st place, Tango de Pista category
-2019, Münster European Tango Contest 1st place, Tango de Pista category
– 2019, Tango European Championship place 9th place, Tango de Pista category

I welcome everyone regardless of level. The first time is harder, then it will always be easier, nicer and more enjoyable.


Arany János street 10.
Aranytíz Cultural Center

Prices: Tango Libre Budapest passes are valid and can be visited with a class ticket.

For registration or questions:
+36 30 851 9437