Try out Argentine tango, the dance of the embraces!

We have regular classes, intensive courses, tango technique and also private classes.
In case you join us for intensive courses, please check which date is good for you.

In case the schedule is not good for you, let us know an we will help.

Intensive argentine tango workshop for total beginners

Try out the one of the most exciting and most passionate dance of South America. Argentine Tango is the Dance of Embraces and Emotions! Relationship and motion therapy, are also an opportunity to get to know ourselves and others better. If you...

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What kind of clothes should I wear on the tango dance classes?
The most important, that it has to be comfortable. For the ladies skirts are better.

What about the dance shoes?
Men: It is useful if it is a bit slippery.
Women: The same rules apply for the ladies shoes. Additionally it is nice if it has higher hills.