During this period of Covid-19 virus we have the opportunity to spend more time practicing individually, developing our dance skills … The good news is that we don’t even have to step out the door to do this!
We decided to hold our weekly tango technique classes online to give a boost to our tango .

Monday: 19: 00-20: 00

We will keep the practice with the help of Zoom.
All you have to do is download the application from zoom.us and we will send you an email later with the link to join the online internship.

Online Techniques Contribution:
One time: 2,000 HUF
4 time passes: 5,000 HUF

Registration by e-mail: andrea@tangolibre.hu


Some words about the women’s technique :

Why is female tango technique important in tango?

“To dance not just as a follower, but as a dancer.”
– Improves: posture, embrace, walking technique, stability, elegance

Who do I recommend it to?

☑ For everyone who dances in Argentine tango as a follower.
☑ Also recommended for leaders because it makes it easier to understand what is needed as a follower to make our dance more enjoyable and beautiful.

There’s no other way around in tango: I think it’s worth putting ourselves in order first so that we’re “okay” together then.
So the only thing we can do is work on ourselves! 🙂


We start by warming up and continue with the theme of the day (e.g. keeping, walking, dissociation, giro, boleo, enrosque, decoration…). The goal is to master a material that can help you improve your dance skills and elegance.
I will show you individual practice series that are also suitable for home practice!


Comfortable, sportier clothes.
If possible, bring high-heeled (tango) shoes.

My experience in tango women’s technique:

Argentina: I have been to Buenos Aires three times (most recently in August this year) where I have had the opportunity to attend many women’s technique classes and workshops.

My knowledge of women’s technology was based on:

– 2018, UK Tango Championship 1st place, Tango de Pista category
2019, Münster European Tango Contest 1st place, Tango de Pista category
– 2019, Tango European Championship 9th place, Tango de Pista category

I look forward to seeing everyone regardless of level. The first time is harder, after that it will always be easier, more beautiful and more enjoyable.