Milongas, tango classes, tango schools are closed till end of the March

Dear Tango friends,
Due to the Corona Virus situation all the milongas, tango classes are cancelled till end of the March. Please see the following statement, by the most of the milonga organizers in Budapest.

Dear dancers and friends!

Throughout the last weeks we have been closely monitoring the development of the coronavirus in the news and public media. We can see that milongas and international tango events are getting cancelled or temporarily closed in the big tango hubs of many countries.

Although many of us are often travelling, we do not think that there is an imminent threat to our lives at the moment. However, there is a chance that someone becomes a virus carrier and unintentionally brings it amongst us at a milonga. As responsible event organisers, after careful consideration, we – together – made the decision to cancel all our milongas until the end of March.

Although the official governmental decree is currently in effect for an indefinite period, we believe that in the term of two weeks – which is the average incubation period of the virus as well – we will see how the situation evolves in Hungary. We continuously monitor the news, especially the recommendations of the government’s operative department, and in case of any change in the current situation, we will inform you immediately on all available channels.

In the transitional period please pay special attention to hygiene and social interactions, as probably the most efficient means of defence for all of us now is individual responsibility and minimising potential risks. This announcement does not affect the classes of the participating tango schools – regarding this please get informed directly by your school or teachers.

We look forward to dancing together again soon!

Participating milongas (not a final list):
Milonga Éjidő – Délidő
Milonga Factory
Milonga Jueves
Milonga La Mirada by Hölgyválasz
Milonga Nueva
Milonga sin Palabras
Milonga Que Noche Tete
Milonga Tangó&Zserbó